what we do?

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Teal Bird Concepts exists to provide quality solutions to businesses that use graphic design elements as a part of their business function. Some of our clients include funeral homes, event planners, printers, and non-profit organizations. The goal of Teal Bird Concepts is to provide support solutions that allow our clients the freedom to focus on their core business.

"When you invest in how you present your products or services, you add value to your business, and customers recognize that by doing business with you."

- Erika Caldwell-Meeks, Founder

how we do it?

Data Driven Design Templates & Services:

    Creative Design

  • Party & Wedding Planners, Printers
  • party favors
  • food signs
  • name & place cards
  • baby shower games
  • wedding shower games
  • bridal party gifts
  • shirts

    Event Design

  • Corporate, Non-Profit Organizations
  • place cards
  • dinner request cards
  • company/table numbers
  • gifts
  • auction item signs
  • awards
  • programs
  • check-in materials
  • slideshows

    Memorial Design

  • Funeral Homes, Memorial Service Providers
  • programs
  • prayer cards
  • thank you cards
  • video slideshows
  • memory books
  • large easel signs
  • table signs
  • web pages

and more

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