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Data Driven Graphic Design Templates & Services

Teal Bird Concepts tranforms your large collection of data into custom graphic design solutions that are easy to present and distribute to the end user. Some of our clients include funeral homes, event planners, printing companies, and non-profit organizations.

“When you invest in how you present your products or services, you add value to your business, and customers recognize that by doing business with you.”

- Erika Caldwell-Meeks, Founder

How we do it

We transform large data collections into attractive graphic designs

Event Design

We work alongside Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations, on business conferences and fundraising events, to customize graphic design products that incorporate unique sponsor and guest-list data.

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Business Design

We work closely with business owners, on internal employee campaigns and external product promotions, to customize graphic design products that incorporate unique employee or client data.

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Creative Design

We offer creative custom design products and services to professional event planners that rely on unique guest-list data as part of their wedding, baby shower or birthday party design plan.

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Memorial Design

We partner with Funeral Service Providers to provide carefully crafted funeral programs and memorial design products to their clients.

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