Event Design

We work alongside Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations, on business conferences and fundraising events, to customize graphic design products that incorporate unique sponsor and guest-list data.

Event Design Banner


  • place cards
  • dinner request cards
  • company/table numbers
  • signage
  • sponsor gifts
  • sponsorship cards
  • auction item signs
  • awards
  • programs
  • check-in materials
  • slideshows
  • banners
  • and more

  • How we help you

    Event Sponsors

    We highlight event sponsors and their level of contribution in designing program, presentation, signage, website, and commercial materials.

    Programs & Presentations

    We efficiently construct program and presentation files that can be easily updated with new ads, board committees, Chair-person's message, and features each year.

    Auction Items

    We showcase donated auction items when putting together presentation slides, auction website images, and supporting auction item signs.

    Guest Personalization

    We pay special attention to individual guests by adding personalization to address envelopes, check-in materials, place cards, menus, and gift tags.


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